Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Orphan baby goats

Two orphaned baby goats are cared for by OIGS members. Abandoned by their mothers and left to die, these two adorable baby goats have been bottle fed, kept clean and loved by local OIGS (Old Irish Goat Society)members.

Winter 2014 storm damage to Mulranny beaches.

Several massive storm surges this past winter pushed tons of beach stones, rocks and debri over the banks to engulf the road alongside the beach leading to the pier and over the grasslands of the Rossmurrevagh machair. The community has made a huge effort to remove the debri by hand, hauling large maounts of refuse bags filled with plastic and other debri to clear the land. The stone barrier to the pier is going to take a lot more than the community can manage and we wait on council help to restore access to the pier which itself was damaged by the storms. Is this going to be a future phenomena with increased weather disturbances? The question now is how to prevent this from happening again and merely pushing the stones back in place may not be the answer!
Men, women and children, including local GAA volunteers from Mulranny and the surrounding area came together several times to clean up the machair.
There were tons of debri and litter removed

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lenticular clouds over Mulranny

I just found these photos I took in 2009 of lenticular clouds over Mulranny. I was reminded of them while traveling in Chile recently and watched them form there. The other similarity I found was the wild Fuschia growing along the coast and the wild rhubarab plant Gunnera Tinctoria which they eat! They call the plant 'Nalca', strip the outer skin off, add salt or chili and eat it raw. I am not sure how good it tastes as I have tried cooking the stems and they did not taste so good. Too bad really, as it grows so prolifically in the west of Ireland, a real pest plant, so it would be good to find a use for it. For those who use natural dies, apparently the root will give you a black dye.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mulranny's new Video

The Mulranny Experience has grown over the last couple of years to include more opportunities to enjoy and participate in. The tourism group of Mulranny have produced a new video Enjoy!
This video shows a glimpse of the many facets our small village has to offer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gift of Hands Update

G.O.H. is a volunteer community group making beautiful things, the sales of which go to support the Mulranny Environmental Group. They have been producing the Torreen Rugs

for the last year but now, with the help of Scottish textile designer, Sheila Mcgregor, they have expanded their range to include the Dasky Pocket scarf and the Nephin neck warmer along with six other designs.

These can be seen in the show room at E.O.M. Studio where the Monday morning and Tuesday evening work sessions are held. There are always tasks to be performed and all hands are welcomed!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beach Clean up.

Western Care Volunteers joined Mulranny community members on Saturday Oct 1st for a big Beach Clean Up. The Murreveagh beaches were cleared of debris washed up by the tides. This included a vast amount of plastic and rope material brought in by the tides. It was bagged and hauled away by tractor for council pick up.